How my reading journey began…

I can say it all started when I first picked up a book at the ripe age of 3 and I honestly wouldn’t be lying. My first book was part of a learning book course called Hooked on Phonics. My mom began this journey with me as more of a necessity to be prepared for Kindergarten in about 2 years. Did any of us know that Hooked on Phonics would be the first door I would open in the land of books? Probably not. But since then, I have delve into a thousand different lives. I have been a magician, a fairy queen, a dragon slayer, a dragon mother, a princess and a queen.

With each adventure I grew more hungry to read more and to escape into a world that wasn’t my own because I could imagine begin something that only came out of my wildest dreams. Reading became something more than just opening a book, it became an experience. With each turned page I grew more and more enticed by the characters and the worlds enclosed into hundreds of pages. With each finished book came a memory of how much I enjoyed the story and how enthusiastic I was to share my non-spoiler review of it.

This year I have focused much more on my reading and bookish adventures than ever before and I have met such wonderful people and authors. I have seen a shift in the world of reading that allowed more authors of color to celebrate and publish their work. I have learned to say everything i want to say to an author in 20 secondsĀ  – including fan-girling over their newest book. But most of all, I have allowed myself to be that book-nerd I always knew I was but thought was too weird to show. Now, I’ve decided to write a blog about those adventures both fictional and non-fictional. I am writing to share the joy I feel when reading a really good book with others. But I am also writing this blog for myself as a way to keep a memory log of all the great books and people that I meet along the way. When you are a person who reads through 3-5 books a week, it is nice sometimes to reflect back and remember why the book was so compelling that you were able to finish it in one day.