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Title: A Shifting of StarsA Shifting of Stars
Author: Kathy Kimbray
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: 28 May 2019
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Photo Credit: Kathy Kimbray & Caffeine Book tours
Where to buy: Amazon

*I received a free copy from the author through Caffeine Book Tour in exchange for an honest review. These are my own thoughts and have not been influenced by anyone*


A squandering emperor. A handsome stranger. A reluctant heroine. And the ancient magic that will capsize a kingdom.

Seventeen-year-old Meadow Sircha watched her mother die from the wilting sickness. Tormented by the knowledge that the emperor failed to import the medicine that would have saved her, she speaks out at a gathering of villagers, inciting them to boycott his prized gladiator tournament.

But doing so comes at a steep cost.

Arrested as punishment for her impulsive tongue, Meadow finds herself caught up in the kind of danger she’s always tried to avoid. After a chance meeting with an enigmatic boy, she’s propelled on a perilous trek across the outer lands. But she soon unearths a staggering secret: one that will shift her world—and the kingdom—forever.

Filled with longing and heart, surprise and wonder, A SHIFTING OF STARS is perfect for fans of AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, RED QUEEN and SHADOW AND BONE.


This book was an unexpected favorite. We meet Meadow Sircha, a 17 year old still grieving the loss of her mother. She blames the emperor for his inability to buy the medicine that could have saved her mother. She is on a mission now to spread the word of overthrowing the emperor. When Prince Malthe stumbles on this, Meadow’s life is turned upside down as she is caught and begins her journey of getting back to the life she had before everything unfolded.

Can I just say how much I really enjoyed the writing and imagery in this story. Kathy Kimbray wrote such a lucid, vivid, exciting novel that I couldn’t put down. It gave enough for descriptions but added enough to still be a mystery to the reader. I was hooked!

I really enjoyed her focus on familial bonds, especially because they felt real. What also was an exciting point was the character development that happened in the story. Prince Malthe was a believable misunderstood villain because she was the dutiful son to a tyrant. It didn’t excuse his actions, but made why he was the way he was so much more investing in. With characters came friendships and romances. the romance between Meadow and her person of interest was one i really enjoyed. It wasn’t an insta-love story. There was development and realistic expectations of what a potential love interest at the time during everything that was concurring could be. It didn’t feel forced and the naturalness of it made sense with the story line.

In terms of plot, there were times where the plot did not feel as if it was part of the same story. This was mostly due to a lack of the magic system being fully introduced and ingrained in the story. The story also felt rushed in the beginning [which is not always bad] but had long stretches of development and action that could have evened out better if the beginning didn’t feel as rushed as it did. With that being said, the story was unique and a YA fantasy that could stand out. It was one where I didn’t expect some of the twist and definitely did not expect that cliffhanger of an ending. I had so many questions unanswered and can’t wait for the next installment of this story to come out.


About the Author:

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Kathy Kimbray is a YA author from Australia.

​After graduating from the University of Technology, Sydney, with a degree in Media Arts and Production, she went on to complete postgraduate studies in education and spent many years as a primary school teacher.

​Now a full-time novelist, Kathy is lucky to be able to tell stories every day.

​Aside from writing, Kathy is an avid reader, dancer, language learner, musical theater enthusiast and fan of terrible reality TV. She lives with her husband in Sydney, and dreams of one day owning that elusive chateau in France.

Author links:

Author website | Goodreads | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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