Harlequin October Reads – The Greek’s Billion Dollar Baby



Author: Clare Connelly
Genre: Romance
Harlequin Imprint: Presents
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
*Thank you Harlequin Presents and Amber’s Book Reviews for the opportunity to review this story!*


The man with the iron will… Meets the woman who will change his life!

All the money in the world couldn’t save Leonidas from the pain—and guilt—of losing his loved ones. Since then, he’s forbidden himself all pleasure in life. Until he meets enchanting innocent Hannah at a lavish party in Greece… Reeling from the discovery of her fiancé’s infidelity, Hannah is determined to swear off men. But her instant chemistry with Leonidas is undeniable. And for one night, they break all their rules, indulging in red-hot oblivion—with inescapably powerful consequences…


After a devastating betrayal from her fiance, Hannah sets off to Greek. During that time, she bumps into a handsome stranger. One things leads to another and Hannah is making a decision to just have one night of passion with the stranger names Leonidas. Leonidas is a frequent New Years Eve hotel guest. After the death of his wife and son by the hands of his father’s misdealing with the mob, Leonidas ventures to his hotel to mourn. this one night stand for him is just that because his love for his dead wife is something he can’t let go of.
After of the night of passion, Leonidas is filled with guilt and leaves Hannah alone to wake up alone. Hannah leaves and goes back to her home. Months later she discovers she pregnant with Leonidas’s baby and must inform him. Once the news is out Leonidas decides that marriage is the only way that will keep Hannah safe but that he can never actually love Hannah because his love is only his dead wife and son. Throughout the story, I was bothered by how much he mentions his deceased family. I wanted him know it wasn’t his fault.
I have to say I admired Hannah. He wasn’t taking being taken as an ultimatum and shows that when she leaves before the wedding. I was cheering her on and hoping she got her happy ending. Leonidas is a character that I saw as damaged and on a road to recovery. Hannah was the one person he least expected to be that sign for him to go through that journey. I was okay with this story because Hannah was not one to back down when she knew what she wanted. Although the story line was predictable, I enjoyed it. It was a romance that had me rooting for Hannah’s fairy-tale ending and for Leonidas to find piece with himself. Other than the odd resemblance his deceased had with Hannah, the two were different. A part of me was yearning to understand the love Leonidas had for his first wife because I would have been able to understand more of his guilt, his hurt and his inability to let himself free. The setting of Greece is magical as you can get. Add in those riches and well you get a dream. The early arrival of his baby makes Leonidas realize that his love for Hannah is there and he rushes to London to be with her. Overall, this book was a quick and easy romance that you can read on cool rainy days.


About The Author

Clare Connelly writes romance that will set your soul on fire. She is the best-selling writer of more than fifty indie romance novels and in August 2017 published her debut novel for Harlequin Presents, and has a title coming out with Harlequin Dare in February 2018. She reads and writes romance voraciously, and lives in a small bungalow by the sea with her lovely husband, two small children and a hard-working team of MacBooks. http://www.clareconnelly.com for more!

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