2020 Bookish Resolutions


Happy New Year Everyone! This year I wanted to focus on more bookish resolutions. In fact, these were the only resolutions I made. I decided to let go of creating resolutions that reflected around losing weight and finding love and all those cliche resolutions that often left me in heartache and disappointment because they are not realistic . I realized that things do not come quickly or often and by setting myself up for a goal like lose weight instead of just eating healthier, I was setting myself up for failure. Now, back to the bookish resolutions. I wrote down 6 do-able resolutions that I felt I wanted to focus on this year. Here are my bookish resolutions:

2020 Bookish resolutions

Goals 1-3 are something I will focus most on this year because without my love of books, I can’t share that love via a review post or a bookstragram post. Goal 2 is special because I often do not read non-fiction books. There are many memoirs and non-fiction books I want to read but oftentimes push them aside when I see a book I would be more interested in. So this year, I am challenging myself to not only complete that goal but exceed. Every non-fiction book after number 5 will be a gift to myself.

Goals 4-6 are goals I set for myself because I tend to let the things that I enjoy [i.e. my blog and bookstagram] go to the back burner when my workload increases. I am making time to be more present on those platforms both through posts and through interactions with other bloggers and bookstagrammers I follow! Goal 5 is a goal I had to write to remind myself that I have so many backlogged books to read. So I made a challenge to myself to read 2 backlog books for every ARC I read.

My goal with my bookish resolutions was to focus on the things that give me joy, things are are tangible and can be seen. This is not to say my old resolutions like lose weight are out the door. I am thinking much more differently now how I phrase that and not setting myself to a number, but seeing results through how I am physically feeling. I hope you all are having a great bookish year so far and continue to do the things you love.

What are some of your bookish resolutions?

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