Excerpt Reveal: A Royal Kiss and Tell

A Royal Kiss & Tell Cover

Title: A Royal Kiss & Tell
Author: Julia London
Genre: FICTION/Romance/Historical/Victorian 
Publisher: Mass Market | HQN Books | A Royal Wedding #2
Release Date: May 19th, 2020

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Every prince has his secrets. And she’s determined to unravel his…

Every young man in London’s ton is vying for Lady Caroline Hawke’s hand—except one. Handsome roué Prince Leopold of Alucia can’t quite remember Caroline’s name, and the insult is not to be tolerated. So Caroline does what any clever, resourceful lady of means would do to make sure Leo never again forgets: sees that scandalous morsels about his reputation are printed in a ladies’ gossip gazette…all while secretly setting her cap for the rakish royal.

Someone has been painting Leo as a blackguard, but who? Socially, it is ruining him. More important, it jeopardizes his investigation into a contemptible scheme that reaches the highest levels of British government. Leo needs Lady Caroline’s help to regain access to society. But this charming prince is about to discover that enlisting the deceptively sweet and sexy Lady Caroline might just cost him his heart, his soul and both their reputations…


Since the day of Eliza’s betrothal to Prince Sebastian, Caroline had also assumed, quite incorrectly, that she would be the principal bridesmaid. After all, she and Eliza and Hollis had been entwined in one another’s lives since they were very little girls.

“I am content with flower girls, honestly,” Eliza said. “I’d be content with a very simple affair. I was content with the civil ceremony. But Queen Daria prefers otherwise.”

“Naturally, she does. This is the wedding where you will be seen by all the people you will rule one day.”

Eliza snorted. “I will not rule, Caroline. I’ll be fortunate if I can find my husband in this massive place.” She’d gestured to the decorative walls around them. It was not an exaggeration—Constantine Palace appeared to be bigger than even Buckingham.

“Let me be the maid of honor,” Caroline had begged her. “I am much better equipped to see to your train than Hollis is.”

“I beg your pardon! I am her sister,” Hollis reminded Caroline.

“The train is thirty feet, Hollis. How will you ever manage? You’ve scarcely managed your own train since we’ve been in Alucia. And my gown should be seen. I spared no expense for it.”

Eliza and Hollis looked at Caroline.

“I mean, of course, after your gown is seen.”

The sisters continued to stare at her. Caroline shrugged a very tiny bit. “Obviously,” she added.

“I rather thought that’s what you meant,” Eliza said charitably. The three of them had gleefully adopted the Alucian style of dress since arriving a month ago in Helenamar. The English style of dress—full skirts, high necks and long sleeves—was hot and heavy. They’d admired the beautiful Alucian gowns that fit the curves of a woman’s body, with the long flowing sleeves, and, most of all, the elaborately embroidered trains…until they discovered that the unusually long trains were a bit of a bother to wear.

“I will manage,” Hollis had insisted. “No one has come to this wedding to see your gown, Caro.”

“Well, obviously, Hollis, they haven’t. But they will be delighted all the same, won’t they? And by the bye, there’s no law that says the attendant of honor must be one’s sister.”

“There is no law, but she is my sister and she will be the attendant of honor,” Eliza said. “And besides, if you were to stand with me, I’d fret the entire ceremony that you were too enthralled with Leo to even notice my train.” She’d arched a golden brow directly at Caroline.

As if Caroline had done something wrong.

She most certainly had not. “Leo? Is that what we’re calling him now?” she drawled. Leo was Prince Sebastian’s younger brother. His Royal Highness Prince Leopold.

Prince Leopold, as everyone knew, had spent the last several years in England, “attending” Cambridge, which meant, in reality, that he spent more time at soirees and gentlemen’s clubs and hunting lodges than studying. Caroline had encountered him last summer in Chichester at a country house party. They’d engaged in a charming little exchange that Caroline recalled perfectly, word for word. Prince Leopold, on the other hand, remembered it not at all. Worse, he didn’t seem to remember her.

The archbishop’s voice suddenly rose into a chant of some sort, drawing Caroline’s attention back to the ceremony. Oh dear, she was thinking about Prince Leopold again when she should be watching her best friend marry a prince. At that moment, Eliza slipped her hand into Prince Sebastian’s hand and held on tightly as the archbishop asked her to repeat after him in English. To love, to honor, to protect and defend.

So romantic.

Caroline glanced to her right. She was seated next to her brother, the baron Beckett Hawke. He was older than her by half a dozen years and had been her guardian since she was eight and he was fourteen. She leaned against him.

“Isn’t she lovely?” she whispered.


“I think she is lovelier than even Queen Victoria on her wedding day,” Caroline whispered. “Her gown is beautiful. It was my idea to use the gold and silver thread on the train.”

Beck pretended not to have heard a word.

“Do you know, I think I could have made that train.” Her brother put his hand on Caroline’s knee and squeezed as he turned his pale green eyes to hers. He frowned darkly.

Caroline pushed his hand away and glanced around her. It was massive, this Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Painted ceilings soared overhead with visions of angels and other godly images. All the fixtures were gold plated, particularly the pulpit, which looked more like a monument than a stand for the Bible. There was so much stained glass that the morning light fractured across Eliza’s long train, turning it into a moving rainbow as sunlight shimmered through the panes.

Every seat in the massive cathedral was taken, filled with beautiful people of varying skin tones and colorful costumes and glittering jewels. They had come far and wide, Caroline understood, from countries she’d never even heard of.

In a cove above the altar, a choir of young men and boys sang the hymns that had accompanied Eliza down the center aisle to meet her prince. It had sounded as if the heavens had parted and the angels were singing for this bride.

The ceremony, almost an hour of it now, was filled with a lot of pomp and circumstance. Caroline wasn’t entirely certain what was happening, as the ceremony was conducted in Latin and Alucian and, for the parts Eliza had to say, in English. It seemed to her that Eliza and Sebastian were up and down quite a lot, one minute on their knees with their heads bowed, and standing the next, staring starry-eyed at each other. There was a somber moment when Eliza was directed down onto her knees alone. It looked as if she were knighted or anointed in some way, and when it was done, the archbishop put his hand to her head, the king and queen stood, and then Prince Sebastian lifted her up and pinned a gorgeous sapphire-and-gold brooch to her breast.

“She’s a real princess now,” Caroline whispered to Beck. Predictably, he ignored her.

Eliza looked like a princess, too, and Caroline wished Eliza’s father, Justice Tricklebank, could be here. Alas, his advanced age and blindness had made it impossible for him to attend. There had been a smaller, private ceremony in England—the first civil union—before Sebastian had returned to Alucia. That ceremony, which her father had attended, had been necessitated by the fact that Eliza and Sebastian could not seem to keep their hands from each other for as much as a few hours.

There was another civil union once Eliza had arrived in Alucia so there would be no question of impropriety, as the heat between Eliza and her prince had only grown. It was embarrassing, really.

But neither ceremony had been anything like this. This was a pageant, a feast for the eyes and hearts of romantics everywhere.

Caroline’s mind drifted, and she wondered if all these people would be at the ball tonight. She hoped so. She had a beautiful blue Alucian gown trimmed in gold that was astoundingly beautiful. She’d made the train herself. The ball would be her moment to shine…next to Eliza, of course.

Yesterday, Eliza had nervously counted out the heads of state that would attend the wedding and the ball and had turned a bit pale as the number mounted. Caroline’s pulse had leapt with delight.

“I can’t bear it!” Eliza had exclaimed, unnerved by the number of dignitaries, of the many kings and queens. “What if I say something wrong? You know how I am. Have you any idea how many gifts we’ve received? Am I to remember them all? I’ve never seen so many gold chalices and silver platters and fine porcelain in all my life! What if I trip? What if I spill something on my gown?”

“My advice, darling, is not to fill your plate to overflowing,” Hollis had said absently. She was bent over her paper, making notes for the periodical she published, the Honeycutt’s Gazette of Fashion and Domesticity for Ladies. The twice-monthly gazette covered such topics as the latest fashions, domesticity and health advice, and—the most interesting part—the most tantalizing on-dits swirling about London’s high society.

Hollis could hardly keep up with the ravenous demand for society news now. She was planning to publish a gazette that would be twice the length of her normal offering with all the news of the royal wedding the moment she returned to London. She’d been busily dispatching letters to her manservant, Donovan, for safekeeping throughout the month they’d been in Alucia.

She was so preoccupied that her advice, while offered freely, was not offered with much thought, and Eliza took exception. “I beg your pardon! I’ve hardly eaten a thing since I’ve arrived in Alucia. At every meal the queen looks at me as if she disapproves of everything I do! I’m afraid to do anything, much less eat,” Eliza complained. “They’ll all be looking at me. They’ll be waiting for me to do something wrong, or speculating if I’m already carrying the heir. You cannot imagine how much interest there is in my ability to bear an heir.”

“Well, of course!” Caroline said cheerfully. “You’ll have to be a broodmare, darling, but after you’ve given them what they want, you may live in conjugal bliss for the rest of your days surrounded by wealth and privilege and many, many servants.”

“They won’t all be looking at you, Eliza. At least half the room will be looking at your handsome husband,” Hollis had said with a wink.

Caroline was once again jolted back into the present when the archbishop lifted a heavy jeweled chalice above the heads of Eliza and Prince Sebastian. Surely that meant they were nearly done? Prince Sebastian took Eliza’s hand, and they turned away from the archbishop, facing the guests with ridiculously happy grins on their faces. They were married!

Hollis turned, too, and even from where Caroline sat, she could see Hollis’s dark blue eyes shining with tears of joy. The guests rose to their feet as the prince and his bride began their procession away from the altar. Rose petals rained down on the couple and their guests from above. The little flower girls fluttered around behind Eliza like butterflies, flanking her train as they followed the couple down the aisle. Prince Leopold offered his arm to Hollis, and she beamed up at him. Caroline felt left out. Hollis and Eliza were near and dear to her heart, the closest thing to sisters she’d ever had, and she longed to be with them now.

Eliza and Prince Sebastian floated past Caroline and Beck without any acknowledgment of them. That was to be expected—the two of them looked absolutely besotted. They were so enthralled with each other, in fact, that Caroline fretted they’d walk into any one of the marble columns that lined their path.

Oh, but she was envious, filled to the very brim with envy. In England, she rarely gave marriage any thought except on those occasions Beck complained she ought to settle on someone, anyone, and relieve him of his duty. But he didn’t really mind his duty, his protestations notwithstanding. Caroline rather suspected he liked having her underfoot. So she flitted from one party to the next, happy to enjoy the attentions of the many gentlemen who crossed her path, happy with her freedom to do as she pleased.

But looking at Eliza, Caroline realized that she did indeed want one day to be in love with a man who would be as devoted to her as Prince Sebastian was to his bride. She wanted to feel everything Eliza was feeling, to understand just how that sort of love changed a person.

Prince Leopold and Hollis passed by Caroline and Beck. Hollis’s face was streaked with happy tears. Prince Leopold happened to look to the guests as they passed, a polite smile on his face. His gaze locked on Caroline’s—well, not locked, really, as much as it skimmed over her—but nevertheless, she smiled broadly. She began to lift a hand but was suddenly jostled with an elbow to her ribs. She jerked a wide-eyed gaze to her brother.

“Stop gawking,” he whispered. “You’ll snap your neck, craning it like that.”

Caroline haughtily touched a curl at her neck.

Beck turned his attention to the procession. The king and queen were passing them now. Beck leaned toward her and whispered, “He’s a prince, Caro, and you are just an English girl. You’re indulging in fairy tales again. I can see it plainly on your face.”

Just an English girl? She very much would have liked to kick Beck like she used to do when she was just a wee English girl. “Better to dream in fairy tales than not dream at all.”

Beck rolled his eyes. He stood dispassionately as the archbishop and his altar boys followed the king and queen.

Just an English girl, indeed.

Julia London_author photo

About the Author

Julia London is a NYT, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of historical and contemporary romance. She is a six-time finalist for the RITA Award of excellence in romantic fiction, and the recipient of RT Bookclub’s Best Historical Novel.

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Blog tour [Review]: The Archer at Dawn


book cover (1)

Title: The Archer at Dawn
Author: Sawti Teerdhala
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 449
Release Date: May 26th, 2020

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Where to Buy: Amazon| Barnes & Noble| iTunes | Book Depository [Audiobook]| Google Play Book


The Sun Mela is many things: a call for peace, a cause for celebration, and, above all, a deadly competition. For Kunal and Esha, finally working together as rebel spies, it provides the perfect guise to infiltrate King Vardaan’s vicious court.

Kunal will return to his role as dedicated Senap soldier, at the Sun Mela to provide extra security for the palace during the peace summit for the divided nations of Jansa and Dharka. Meanwhile, Esha will use her new role as adviser to Prince Harun to keep a pulse on shifting political parties and seek out allies for their rebel cause. A radical plan is underfoot to rescue Jansa’s long-lost Princess Reha—the key to the stolen throne.

But amid the Mela games and glittering festivities, much more dangerous forces liein wait. With the rebel Blades’ entry into Vardaan’s court, a match has been lit, and long-held secrets will force Kunal and Esha to reconsider their loyalties—to their country and to each other. Getting into the palace was the easy task; coming out together will be a battle for their lives.


This thrilling sequel leaves off where The Tiger at Midnight left us, so if you have read The Tiger at Midnight, stop here, grab a copy and then read The Archer at Dawn. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Swati continued to grace us with backdrop full of rich scenery and culture, strong plot points, great action scenes, and a romance we were asking for. It is a great YA fantasy that managed to balance so many parts of a novel while still continuing to surprise and amaze us.

The Archer at Dawn follows the continuation of Kunal’s and Esha’s story. Kunal, back as a solider and Esha, advisor to Prince Huran. Both work together in figuring out what is basically going on and learn such palace shifting secrets that question their loyalties. The story follows a dual POV and I honestly love storytelling where you hear multiple pints of view.  I was glad to see the author continue that route because Both Kunal and Esha are so different n how they speak and think and it adds on the excitement you’ll get when reading it.

I also enjoyed the romance in this story. A hate-to-love trope I was kind of routing for was confirmed in this sequel. Now, Swati knew what she was doing with this slow burn romance. During The Tiger at Midnight, I kept turning the pages wondering, wow “Kunal and Esha is a couple I would ship,” hoping after each page turned I would have that confirmation. When it showed more in The Archer at Dawn, I was here for it. Both Kunal and Esha’s personalities compliment each other in many ways. Because their personalities are different and because the relationship felt more developed along the way, I was happy to see when it finally came to fruition.

Throughout The Archer at Dawn, you are given such warrior-esque battles, terror fueled competitions and questions of one’s moral values. It wasn’t the action I was expecting, but I welcomed it because so much of the action made sense with the overall story-line. Add the beautiful story backdrop and the thrilling page turning moments the authors add, this sequel was well baked and ready to serve. I Enjoyed reading a novel about two divided nations and tow people from those nations who worked together against a sinister plotter[s]. It has a budding romance, amazing dialogue and great heavy inspiration of Indian and Hindu mythology. Speaking of inspiration, the mythology and inspiration of the book was so fascinating, I have been looking up Hindu mythology and basking in how awesome it is.

The Archer at Dawn is a sequel that you do not want to miss reading. An underrated series worth every page turned.


author (1)
Swati Teerdhala

About the Author

Swati Teerdhala is the author of The Tiger at Midnight series, which has appeared on both Barnes and Noble and Book Riot’s Most Anticipated Novels lists.

After graduating from the University of Virginia with a BS in finance and BA in history, she tumbled into the marketing side of the technology industry. She’s passionate about many things, including how the right ratio of curd-to-crust in a lemon tart. She currently lives in New York City.

Goodreads |Twitter| Website| Instagram| Facebook| Pinterest | Tumblr

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Blog Tour – Death of A Painter


Title:Death of A Painter
Author: Matthew Ross
Publisher: Red Dog Press
Pages: 364
Release Date: January 2nd, 2018

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Where to Buy: | 




When Mark Poynter discovers a murder on his worksite all of his financial problems suddenly seem a lot closer to home: was this a warning his debts are overdue?

Suspected of being the killer and worried at being the intended victim, the murder only makes Mark’s money problems worse, leading him to turn to the local villain, Hamlet, who has his own unique repayment plan in mind for Mark.

When two more deaths plunge him even further into debt, Mark finds himself faced with a choice – help the police and clear his name or help the villain and clear his debt.

Set in the Medway Towns on the grey margins of criminality, where no job’s too big, no dodge’s too small …

Death Of A Painter is the first in a new series of darkly comic crime fiction novels featuring the beleaguered builder Mark Poynter, aided and hindered in equal measure by his trusted crew of slackers, idlers and gossips, and the lengths they go to just to earn a living.


A murder and a man suspected. Mark finds his friend and talented painter murdered in one of his work sites and with one of his tools. But Mark is an innocent man, with a debt the size that could commit a crime. Was the hit for him and his friend just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time? Is this the sign the debt collectors are giving to Mark? Death of A Painter follows the story of Mark, a man considered a suspect in his friend’s murder and his journey to pay his debts and prove his innocence.

Mark is like-able character; He is witty, can talk his way into more time and works well with is crew of fellow builders, well idlers and gossipers first, builders second. Overall, he’s a decent guy in a bad situation. The friendship and crew bonding in this story was a selling point to me. Also, the relationship[s] Mark had to build with an enemy really showed that he was able to st aside his differences to help coin his innocence. Mark soon learns that the job he is taken on will cost him more if more dead bodies start popping up and has to work against time.

The story is a great builder’s jargon filled was a quick and interesting read. Mark’s adventures keep you turning the page to figure out what will happen next. His conversations with authorities were laced with half comedy/half tragedy because Mark is a guy who unfortunately cannot catch a break. The dark comic fiction in this novel added both levity and suspense to the overall plot. The plot leaves you asking questions, hoping the next book answers them but in a way where you wouldn’t give up on the series.

If you want a quick read packed with dark comedic effort, than Death of a Painter is the book for you!


matthew ross

About the Author

Matthew Ross was born and raised in the Medway Towns, England. He still lives in Kent with his Kiwi wife, his children and a very old cat.

He was immersed in the building industry from a very early age helping out on his father’s sites during school holidays before launching into his own career at 17. He’s worked on projects ranging from the smallest domestic repair to £billion+ infrastructure, and probably everything in between.

A lifelong comedy nerd, he ticked off a bucket-list ambition and tried his hand at stand-up comedy. Whilst being an experience probably best forgotten (for both him and audiences alike) it ignited a love for writing, leading to various commissions including for material broadcast on BBC Radio 4 comedy shows.

Matthew moved into the longer format of novel writing after graduating from the Faber Academy in London in 2017.

Death Of A Painter’ is his first novel and the first in a planned series of stories featuring Mark Poynter and his associates.

Matthew enjoys reading all manner of books – especially crime and mystery; 80s music; and travelling and can’t wait for the next trip to New Zealand to spend time with family and friends.   


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Adult Fiction

Blog Tour [Review]: The Secret Brokers



Author: Alexandrea Weis
Genre: Adult Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: Vesuvian Books
Release date: April 7th, 2020
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
*Thank you Good Choice Reading and Vesuvian for the opportunity to be a part of this blog tour and a copy of the book to review. This review contains my own thoughts and have not been influenced by anyone.*


Dallas August runs a dangerous business—an organization of elite spies for hire.
The secrets trade.
Nothing is off limits, and no price is too high.
When asked to uncover what recluse Gwen Marsh knows about a Mafia kingpin’s death, Dallas poses as a bodyguard to get close to his target, but the stubborn Asian beauty wants nothing to do with him. As the FBI and the Mafia close in, danger drives them together, but can he protect Gwen, or will Dallas be the one risking everything to discover what she is really hiding?
Dallas August is about to find out how dangerous life can be as one of the Secret Brokers.
Once you are in, there is no turning back.



The Secret Brokers was such a great read. You can’t go wrong with spies, deep dark secrets, crime boss problems and a suspense turning plot. This was the first book I read by Alexandrea Weis, but it won’t be the last!

The Secret Brokers follows the path of Dalls August, a former FBI agent turned security business owner and his next big job. Stationed in New York, he is called to New Orleans to repay a favor to a crime boss. What is that favor? Investigating the daughter of a rival crime boss. Dallas realize that Gwen Marsh is more than just the daughter of a rival crime boss. Dallas and Gwen are sucked into a whirlwind adventure, one that brings the two together. I really enjoyed the relationship between Gwen and Dallas. Their relationship wasn’t perfect. It was filled with mistrust from the past, tons of secret and moments of anger. But, it was a real awkward relationship. You don’t expect the two to be together, but they try to make it work given all the circumstances and find it hard to be apart from each other. Gwen and Dallas had something that each other needed, or better yet, each other needed to let go. It was the ultimate test of trust, trusting an enemy with your heart and not knowing what could come of it. Gwen was such a powerful female character and I was rooting for her. It is always good to see a strong female character lead that adds shine to the male character’s story-line.

Because this was the first book I read of Alexandrea, there were some parts of the book where it sounded like there was a backstory created. I researched more into this and realized there is a series that this book has spun off from. I will be reading that soon and if it is anything like The Secret Brokers, I will not be disappointed. However, this book was written in a way where you can still enjoy this story without knowing much of the previous series. Alexandrea writes a suspenseful, page turning story that has you wondering what will happen. I loved that part of this was set in New York. Altohugh, visualizing the New Orleans landscape was a treat. It is full of vivid spy action, steamy romantic scenes and a thrilling story. you receive enough information to understand the importance of side characters without overshadowing the main characters quest. It is a book I would recommend for anyone who enjoys a good mystery suspense, filled with you not so average spies, crime family drama and a lot of unpredictable moments.


About the Author

Alexandrea Weis

 Alexandrea Weis, RN-CS, CRRN, ONC, PhD, is a multi-award-winning author of over twenty-seven novels, a screenwriter, ICU Nurse, and historian who was born and raised in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Having grown up in the motion picture industry as the daughter of a director, she learned to tell stories from a different perspective and began writing at the age of eight.Infusing the rich tapestry of her hometown into her novels, she believes that creating vivid characters makes a story moving and memorable.

A permitted/certified wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Weis rescues orphaned and injured animals. She lives with her husband and pets in New Orleans. Weis writes mysteries, suspense, thrillers, horror, crime fiction, action, historical, and romance.

Alexandrea Weis is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the International Thriller Writers Association.



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It’s Monday! What are you reading?


It’s Monday! What are you Reading? is a meme started by Sheila at Book Journeys and now hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date.


What I Read/Listened to Last Week:


Puddin’ by Julie Murphy (audiobook)

I rated this 3 stars. I enjoyed the overall storyline, but the narration threw me off a bit. Some of the voices were very similar and at times I could not always distinguish who was leading the conversation. I also wanted more character development for Millie and felt Callie’s story was more in the forefront than I expected it to be. Blog post to come soon!

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Here’s what I’m currently reading:

laura jean break up

Laura Jean Keeps Breaking up with Me by by Mariko Tamaki, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell (Illustrations)


So far this graphic is pretty good. It is also depicting a high school breakup pretty accurately. So far, I don’t have a full grasp on character personalities since I am still in the beginning, but I have a feeling this graphic novel will be an interesting read.

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Next to Read:

The secret brokers

The Secret Brokers by Alexandrea Weis


Dallas August runs a dangerous business—an organization of elite spies for hire.

The secrets trade.

Nothing is off limits, and no price is too high.

When asked to uncover what recluse Gwen Marsh knows about a Mafia kingpin’s death, Dallas poses as a bodyguard to get close to his target, but the stubborn Asian beauty wants nothing to do with him. As the FBI and the Mafia close in, danger drives them together, but can he protect Gwen, or will Dallas be the one risking everything to discover what she is really hiding?

Dallas August is about to find out how dangerous life can be as one of the Secret Brokers.

Once you are in, there is no turning back.

This sounds like it will be a rollercoaster of a read. You have spies for hire, mafia, a dangerous adventure all wrapped with a mystery shaped bow. I am excited to get to this next!

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