Blog Tour [Review]: Stolen to Wear His Crown

Hey everyone, hope all is well! To wrap up the December Harlequin December Reads Tour, I give you a review on Stolen to Wear His Crown by Marcella Bell.

Stolen to Wear His Crown
Author: Marcella Bell
Publication Date: November 1st 2020
Publisher: Harlequin

Where to buy: Harlequin | Indiebound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Rating: 3 stars


From unworldly scientist… to his fearless queen!

Mina has finally achieved her dream of becoming chief scientific advisor of Cyrano, when she’s stolen from the interview room! She’s taken directly to the palace chapel, where the terms of a secret betrothal mean she must marry the king—immediately. Powerful King Zayn knows all too well monarchs can’t afford dangerous distractions like love. Yet still, he’s appalled to be wed to a complete stranger! Mina is altogether too sensitive, too scholarly, too unpolished to be queen. But that can’t stop the desire that flares each time she looks his way…


Stolen to Wear His Crown was a weird rollercoaster of a read. It went from zero to one hundred within the first ten percent of the book. From that ten percent, the rest was a bit more of a slow burn read.

Mina, a geeky academic scientist, has worked her life to focus on her PHD and be appointed as one of the King’s advisors. Once appointed, Mina is kidnapped in a very unsettling way, brought to the king who she is now forced to marry. A deal made by her father so many years ago, Mina is now faced with an arrogant king and an unpredictable future. The storyline was very predictable, which was okay, especially if you want a quick read. If the storyline didn’t feel so far-fetched, I would have be more engrossed and invested.

What I enjoyed was the difference of personalities between the two main characters. They were both very opposite of each other. Did it add on to that romantic tension the author wanted to portray, yes! Was it entertaining at times? Yeah, for the most part it was good to see the two learn to grown on each other given their circumstances. Speaking of circumstances, Mina really tried to work with her new situation, and I have to do credit where credit is due. It’s not everyday you become a wife and a queen all in one shot, especially to a very proud and arrogant king. I also saw strength and confidence in Mina at times that I appreciated throughout the book.

Overall, it was okay. I was taken aback by the kidnapping scene because it felt unnecessary forceful and was trying to picture a world where a 36-year old virgin could be experienced in both love and sex if she was so into the books an describe as a stereotypical school nerd. However, if you want a quick read and want to root on a heroine who surprises oyu when she stands her ground, this is a book for you.

About the Author

Marcella Bell lives in the mostly-sunny wilds of Southern Oregon with her husband, children, father, and three mismatched mutts. The dry hot summers and four distinct annual seasons of the region are a far cry from the weird rainy streets of Portland, OR, where she grew up, but she wouldn’t trade her quirky mountain valley home for anyplace else on the earth. As a late bloomer and a yogini, Marcella is drawn to romance that showcases love’s incredible power to transform.

Author Website: https://www.marcellabell.com/

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